Yolei, do you ever have girl-boners thinking about T.K.?

Uh-gh-bu-ti-le-tuh-WHAT?!?!?!?! WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS?! *red as a tomato*

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T.K. and Yolei look so adorable in the background.


T.K. and Yolei look so adorable in the background.

You should wear the sexiest bikini on your beach date, T.K. will be putty in your hands! Then you guys should make out! :D Lol!

That does it, I’m not answering anymore of these kinds of questions!

You people are seriously annoying me!

To Yolei-mun. In the bedroom, (be it T.K. or whoever you want it to be, you decide), how do you think Yolei is as a lover?

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I do think she’s a passionate girl, and that would proabably translate into the bedroom.  But I got talking with Kari-mun, and I agree with her that Yolei would probably be a motor mouth in the bedroom.  She’d probably want to talk, talk, talk! I can see her being so chatty in bed while T.K. just is all “that’s nice honey” in between kisses XD.  She’d certainly be entertaining…also she’s seme, Yolei does NOT bottom! NO SIR! This girl takes charge! >D]

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He stared at the door with a blush on his cheeks. Normally, he would have been theren timeand with clothes that he normally wore: t-shirt and shorts? And with his hat. But no. No, on his way to Yolei’s, Matt stopped by and though his clothes were too casual.

She’s probably going to dress up a…

She had her hair pulled up into a low pony tail.  A little bit of make up once again.  She had on a red tank top with a blue cardigan to wear over it.  After all, it does sometimes get chilly in restaurants and movie theaters.  And she had on a blue knee length skirt.  And some red flats.  She felt ready.  She paced and paced.

Sure T.K. was running a bit late.  But that’s okay.  She knew he had his reasons.

Well…she didn’t mind it until her sisters started hounded her about her last date.

She got into an argument with them.  How they should butt out of her business.  She stomped over to the kitchen, where her brother was washing dishes.

She of course turned to shout at her sisters (she hoped the neighbors couldn’t hear them arguing.  Or if they did, at least not what they were yelling about…okay so most of the yelling was her…but whatever.)

That’s when she bumped into her brother, making him drop the plate in his hands, it crashed into tiny pieces, as her brother nagged at her.

Then the doorbell rang…why couldn’t her siblings just lay off for just one night!

Her mom answered the door, sure enough, it was T.K.

To the Yolei-mun, you are now thinking about Miyakeru smut, you're welcome ;)

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Yolei you have nothing to be worried about. T.K. obviously likes you. Remember this, he said "yes" to you.

Yeah, you’re right!

I’m being worried over nothing! ^///^

Thanks Sora!

That’s your problem. You don’t know when to talk and when to fight. Now’s a good time to talk… On the other hand, it’s also a good time to fight.

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